Website inaccessible after removing R2 custom domain


I set R2 storage to my domain name, but then I got access errors when attempting to access my website. So It seems that R2 needs all of my web page files as well. All I need is for images to be stored for access via my website that uses PHP. The whole topic of workers is far beyond my knowledge, and using a domain URL was what I was after.

I removed the domain from R2, and now the server for my domain cannot be found. The domian was transferred to Cloudflare.

What do I need to do to get my website working as it was before I tried R2?

Thank you.

Go to the DNS tab and add back the correct records needed for your hosting provider that you had previously.

When creating R2 custom domain next time, use a subdomain e.g.

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Thank you. There was a missing ‘A’ record: www.
I’ll try a sub-domain, great! Thank you.

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