Website in proxied mode not reachable in Leipzig/Germany

our site livevoiceDOTio (DNS record “livevoiceDOTio” (CNAME) → “web01DOTlivevoiceDOTio”) is not reachable in Germany/Leipzig currently when proxy mode is active. disabling proxy mode, it now works again.
“dig livevoiceDOTio” resolves in Leipzig to and currently when proxy mode is enabled.

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I am having the same problem in Vienna/Austria with 3 websites which use Cloudflare.
A traceroute says that affected sites are served via for me.

update: i just found out that stagingDOTlivevoiceDOTio, which is a CNAME to web02DOTlivevoiceDOTio (which is an A record completely different from web01 hosting production) now shows me the production site, which is kinda worse than not showing anthing at all, since it indicates that the Cloudflare endpoint seems to route requests wrong. (?) and are currently delivering me content again right now. and, on the other hand, are not delivering me any content right now.

A quick ping on the IPs which do not serve me any content right now results in a timeout.
Unfortunaly i cannot provide any more insights in terms of DNS since i am not the administrator of the 3 websites which have this problem right now.

Same here, vienna as well…
Strangely the site is working on my mobile but not on desktop…

The reason why it may be working on different networks or clients is because there are multiple servers which are handling proxy mode i think.
If you happen to resolve a hostname to a IP from a server which is currently operational it will work.
If your DNS server resolves a hostname to a IP from a non-operational server, you are out of luck.

You could begin to clear DNS caches and query different DNS resolvers until you get a server which will deliver your requested content but that’s like playing the lottery (even if your chances here are significantly higher)…
Not sure if it really works like that but i can imagine that there are multiple instances “cached” on the different servers.

I have the same problem in Vienna/austria with flightsearchDOTapp; All users of provider A1 and Drei are affected.

This is not a problem with the ISP of your users.
I can confirm that this happens with connections from Drei and Magenta AT in Austria too.

Hi there,

I can confirm this issue also affects one of my services. When proxy mode is enabled, my domain resolves to two Cloudflare IP’s which both return timeouts when connecting via tcp/443.

<domain removed>.	300	IN	A
<domain removed>.	300	IN	A

i would suspect its all related to this potential issue stated on the Cloudflare status page

Cloudflare is aware of, and investigating an issue which potentially impacts some customers. Affected users may experience temporary connection drops or see increased latency. Further detail will be provided as more information becomes available.

I would be surprised if it’s related to the incident personally - but it’ll be good if it is since if it isn’t then there isn’t much you can do.

The 188 range is notorious for being blocked by ISPs and filtering solutions.


Doesn’t seem like the incident on the status page was because of this issue.
The issue from the status page just got marked as resolved.
I’m still having problem with websites using proxy mode.

Even if the 188 range is notorious for these kind of problems,
i don’t think it is a problem with some ISP or third party filtering solution,
since this is affecting people with different ISPs from different countries.

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is anyone on Cloudflare side working on this issue? is it working for you if proxy mode is disabled?

for me, it’s working when proxy mode is disabled

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We have the same problem. Working when proxy mode is disabled too.

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Hi, I seem to have the same problem: IP connection issue

Hey there,

I am in Austria and having also issues to reach some sites.



Same here. Some austria users are reporting they can not reach my Cloudflare proxied website. Is Cloudflare working on this issue? Each day more users are asking why site is offline.

Since Cloudflare isn’t recognizing this issue on their status page and haven’t responded to this thread,
i would say they are not working on this issue.

As I said in the thread from @timo3 -
I am still waiting for someone with an enterprise plan to call the emergency hotline about this
or for someone with a Business or Pro account to open a ticket about it
since Cloudflare did not give a statement by now
and doesn’t acknowledge this problem on their status page after 24h hours now.

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I seem to have the same issue. Some users from Austria and Germany cannot access my website.