Website in incognito mode contains no style (CSS) at all?

Hi guys,

For the first time ever I setup cloudfare via Siteground, and now I noticed my site is showing completely broken in incognito mode of my browser, both desktop as on iPhone 8 safari and chrome?

When I don’t use incognito all is good?

I really dont know why it breaks in incognito mode compeltely? Never had this issue before, it seems to me it is related to CDN?

Please help me. Thanks! The domain is:

My best guess would be some privacy protection which is only active in private mode and which blocks your CSS URL for some reason.

When opening it in Firefox’ private mode it just loads fine.

Check the requests in the browser, but that won’t be a Cloudflare issue I am afraid.

Seems to load fine on Chrome too

Thanks for your replies guys. That is so odd, on my phone (on 4G) and my laptop with cabled internet it loads broken in incognito… :confused:

I was assuming everyone would see it because of that. I still have no clue why, but atleast it works for others I suppose!

Try clearing caches and check the request log in your browser.

I cleared cache after every change I made to the site, my logs do contain a error thats new for me:

Nothing CSS related here. Try pausing Cloudflare, I guess it won’t load either then.

Can you load

When I open that file I see the minified CSS, both incognito as normal.

Then it should not be CSS. You should really debug that.

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