Website images are not showing when cloudflare is enable


When Cloudflare is enable some of my websites images are not showing. When i pause Cloudflare they are back to normal. Rocket loader is off when the Cloudflare is enable.

Anyone’s has same issues?

Your browser’s Dev Tools is good for tracking down these errors in the Console window.

Or post your domain so we can take a look.

I don’t see anything missing. Can you post a screenshot?

i enable the Cloudflare just now… i will post a screenshot when the problem appear.

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check the screenshot

if you can check now the website you will see thet in the home page there are some images that are broken ‘missing’

Still working for me.

Can you open up your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 key for Chrome) and check the Console for errors? And check the Network tab for a list of files your website uses. It should show you some sort of errors for those images that aren’t loading.

the console showing some errors but the network is clean

check the website with incognito window or clear browser cache and you will see the problem

My screenshot was from Incognito mode. I always test sites this way, from a fresh browser configuration.

For that Network tab, you need to hit Reload. All resources from your site should show up in the Network tab, whether or not they successfully load.

the images that are not display correctly are marked

My browser finally showed this problem. I see you’re running Autoptimize. The images are being downloaded, but not displayed in the page. I also see Autoptimize has generated CSS to display this image.

I think it’s a CSS issue, but don’t know why. Could you try disabling Autoptimize and then purge your Cloudflare cache? If your site has a caching plugin, try clearing that as well.

Again, I don’t know what’s causing the error, but it would be nice to narrow down potential issues.

Now without to disable the Autoptimize and CF enable the problem is not appear.
I checked the website with incognito window with firefox, chrome, internet explorer and Edge and its working fine. I noticed that the problem appeared some times of the day.

All my websites are having the exact same problem.

It’s actually dropped my ranking significantly because my images are unable to handle and pass the meta and alt words.

I just checked the eight other websites in my account, and yes all are affected by this.

Apparently after a WordPress update with Cloudflare has caused some kind of images not to display.

Is this possible to send it to development and verify if this is an issue with the current iteration of Wordpress?

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