Website images and theme messed up

Problem description:
Website seems to be experiencing serious caching issues.

Problem frequency: intermittent

Steps to reproduce problem : Simply log on to home page

Actual results: The theme, UI and many images disappear

Expected results: site should load properly

Additional info:

Yes I see the issue, but:

  1. your site is not getting proxied thorugh CloudFlare (:orange:)
  2. your site requests a CSS file which does not exist

For both things CloudFlare can not do anything.

I would recommend to activate CloudFlare for more then just DNS (:orange:) and then clearing your Cache in WP Backend and regenerate.
Also you are using “siteground-optimizer” which is good, but actually somehow your WordPress Cache is not getting regenerated/flushed and therefore the HTML links to a non existing CSS file.

But just to clarify this: this is not related to CloudFlare.


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