Website I Try to Access Has An Error

I wanted to get tickets for a movie coming up next week through a movie theater called Studio Movie Grill online. I tried to access my account but was unable to due to entering the wrong password. I tried the “Forgot Password?” option but I was sent to a screen saying that I am blocked and that I should email the site owner. I was looking for an email for half an hour until I had to search it up. I look everywhere to contact the company but it turns out you have to pay for just a BASIC support service. All I wanted to do was order tickets and it’s been so frustrating just trying to create an account. I am incredibly disappointed and I hope that this can be resolved soon.

Although you have seen a Cloudflare message, the site owner sets the rules to allow access to the site. As mentioned on that page, you need to contact the site operator, not Cloudflare - use Google or social media to find a contact method if you can’t get to the site.

That said, the site is giving the same block message to me so maybe they broke something, or block my country as I’m outside the US.


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