Website hung in transfer, cancel button is busted

I transferred all of my websites from Squarespace to here. Unfortunately, one of the websites got hung in the transfer, and the cancel button is busted on Cloudflare (I tried three different browsers)

The worst part is that because this website doesn’t allow you to change nameservers of your domain registrars (a basic functionality on literally every other site) I have to pay an extra $33 to move them somewhere else. However, I can’t even do that until they are all moved over here, which I have no idea when that will occur.

I sent out a message to Cloudflare support directly, but their transparency on answering priority leads me to believe I’m not going to get an answer at all.

Hi @nolanmeerdink,

Thanks for confirming what you already tried.

This is made clear in the Registrar TOS and documentation, but yes - you would need to transfer away to use non Cloudflare nameservers.

Did you get an autoresponse with the ticket being resolved? Registrar issues cannot be dealt with through the community and need to go through support. If you share your ticket number here, I can escalate this.

I mentioned it in the previous ticket, is hung on transfer, and I’ll have to wait an additional unknown length of time, (I tried cancelling, does not work)”

But I can make a separate ticket if needed

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