Website HTTP and HTTPS 503 error in Mxtoolbox

Hi, when I am loading my website mxtoolbox gets error message 503 both HTTP and HTTPS

how can I resolve the problem

Does the site work for you?

You can also check the Firewall log for your domain at

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I can load the website but mx toolbox says 503 HTTP/HTTPS I check many websites also say error it’s showing for me .

I was unable to find any logs.

What is the domain?

what is the main reason to ask domain name ? better you explain here

I remember sometimes even some WHOIS services have got and see 500 - 500 SSL negotiation failed error or 403 forbidden for HTTPS status while we are using Cloudflare on our domains, rather than 200 OK and even when the Website is working fine for the end-user/visitor, if that is to consider - it could be due to the selected value under the Secury Level, either some country restrictions or similar (Firewall Rules are good to check which were already mentioned by @sdayman), etc.

Try deactivating Bot Fight Mode option - maybe this could help a bit, if so?

If you are using MX Toolbox for HTTPS/SSL check like Uptime, I would rather suggest via ping or some other way around (installing some agent at the origin host - if applicable).

Otherwise, aren’t you testing your e-mail record which could be proxied (:orange: cloud) maybe?

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To attempt to re-create the error myself

Thank you so much bro , its working now i really appreciate best explanations with solutions gave me. this is what i need.

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