Website Hosting

Hi, I am planning to host an online education website with online seminars, online courses, videos, seminars and so on, any hosting plan (specifications) suitable for my case? Do not shared hosting, need SSH. Thanks

Cloudflare does not do either.

The closest thing to hosting would be Worker Sites at but even that comes without SSH (why would you need that in the first place?) and is generally a rather specialised tool, not suited for general hosting.

With your use case shared hosting would seem the best approach.

May I know how many CPU and RAM can handle spikes in Traffic?

Cloudflare can handle whatever traffic your online course site needs.

I’d strongly suggest to check out and familiarise yourself with what Cloudflare is as neither of these two terms is remotely related to Cloudflare (well, Workers are an exception).

At this point you possibly do not even need Cloudflare, you need hosting first.

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