Website hosted on cloudflare promotes animal abuse, violence and threatening


Please help!

My friend, member of local Animal defence community (Odessa, Ukraine), is threatened by group of illegal hunters for homeless animals.

Members of this group, called “Dog Hunters” are famous by poisoning and simply killing homeless animals under the pretext of protection from their attacks on the population.

As I know, there is no legislative act in any Country in the World allowing animal abuse.

Not only are they animal killers, they also threat anyone who condemns their actions!
Here is one of forum threads as direct evidence.
-link redacted-

This “community” coordinates its activities through the website (-link redacted-)
Every member of the community boasts of its cruel acts towards other participants

This website is in Russian. Founders of the community website are cunning people! To ensure that the hosting can not understand violations of the law and violation of service provision rules, they used non-russian speaking service :frowning:

This website is hosted by cloudflare as I see in WHOIS info.

Please block this website, I can’t see any legitimate way to disrupt the activities of this disgusting community!

Sorry for bad English. Looking forward to actions.


It usually is quite difficult to get a website taken down from Cloudflare. You can submit the form at and provide the required information, based on which Cloudflare will act but I wouldnt count on it to be taken down I am afraid.

For the record, I am fully with you :+1:. Such a site shouldnt have a place online.


Thanks for the link to abuse form. I hope it would help.


I was about to redact the links but since my Russian is not that good, ok to be honest… Not present! The only things I saw was a picture someone feeding a puppy and half naked girls. Leave it to the abuse team.


Local authorities and the abuse form that was shared are the proper place to report the sites. The links were redacted.


CloudFlare does not host the website. It’s more like an add-on service. Even if CloudFlare kicks them off, their website will still be up - just unreachable. A simple nameserver change will have it back up online w/in hours.

Cloudflare is also not the “Content Police” of whatever data flows through them.

I believe the best ways to get something done in this situation requires finding out who the actual host is, and have them shut down the website. Or have the domain name registrar do something about it.

The domain name was registered with AKA and somehow affiliated with

So you might find some of these useful:

  3. If you would like to report abuse please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]?subject=Report Abuse) and we will deal with your correspondence promptly.

  4. Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +44.2033880600


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