Website hosted on AWC EC2, and domain on GoDaddy. How do I setup Cloudflare?

My website is hosted on an AWS EC2, and the domain is on GoDaddy. Currently, the domain name points to the EC2 IP. What is the procedure to set up Cloudflare? Should I just change the name servers in GoDaddy to add in the ones provided by Cloudflare?

Hello there,

Well… You need to update the NS records. You need to point the servers to CF as well.

Hi Neiljay,

Thank you for your help. So basically, changing the existing name servers on GoDaddy with the Cloudflare ones won’t affect the website? Also, I have my outlook mx recs in there too.

When you make changes, site will be affected with immediate effect (depends). However, propagation will not take a long duration though.

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