Website hosted on not accessible after Cloudflare setup

After adding the two custom DNS provided by Cloudflare the website is not accessible and it shows me different errors with different behaviours.
Yesterday On side, under “DNS manage and Server Name” I’m using “Use Other Name Server” where I added:

Sometimes is accessible on Chrome and Firefox is not.
Different type of errors, first: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN and now ERR_NETWORK_IO_SUSPENDED
In some case on Chrome is either taking long time to load the page or showing an error and after refreshing the browser the page is loaded.


What is missing from this setup? Thanks so much

If you just switched it over to CF DNS and never had the website setup in the old DNS, I would expect the first nxdomain for a bit.

Your site does load for me, albeit slowly (~2s or so, that’s on your origin though)

Perhaps just DNS Cache/it just needed a second?

First-time setup. I didn’t know about the nxdomain issue for a bit at the beginning.
I will continue checking.

Thank you

I see now that the webmail doesn’t work.
Do I have to add some specific CDN address? I’m checking in the chat or documentation but I can’t find any info

thank you

I see now that the webmail doesn’t work.

If your email no longer works when using Cloudflare, reaching out to your email provider for the correct DNS records. Add the records to your Cloudflare dashboard and make sure all records from your email provider are orange clouded Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs

As for the screenshot:

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