Website hit by constant ddos attacks

Hey there I’ve been hit by constant DDos attacks since yesterday afternoon,

Cloudflare had blocked 10 million requests in 24 hours and was working fine.

Today however I’m still getting a ton of visitor traffic on my site that isn’t being stopped by cloudflare even though I have cloudflare set up to block every single incoming IP?

If Cloudflare is set up to block everything, then those attacks are bypassing Cloudflare and directly attacking your origin. You would have to server Firewall off anything that doesn’t come from these:

It’s shared hosting so I’ll need to move to fix it I think. I’ve only just set my site live a couple days ago so I wasn’t aware of how much resources I’ll end up needing.

I have added this code to stop all search queries on my site, and it has stopped all data being sent/recevied by the ddos attack. Now I just need to find a way to implement this without it affecting anyone. At the moment every refresh of the page shows up with a big white pre-page.

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