Website having DNS issues after migrating

We recently migrated our website to a new hosting provider because we were hitting php limits with our old host. This was roughly a week ago and we have been having DNS issues since.

We have our domain hosted with godaddy and its connected to cloudflare nameservers. We also have g suite email connected to our domain via cloudflare. The new hosting provider required us to add an A name record to our DNS in order to bring the website live.

The problem we are facing is that every indicator looks like the website is working but we are having DNS issues on different device types. Some devices work and some dont on the same network. The error messages we are getting are

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? After investigating it looks like my only solution is to move from cloudflare.

The Community can probably help, but we are going to need more relevant details.

  1. buckylabs
  2. DNS propagation checks say website is working. Website works on some devices but not others on same and different networks.
  3. DNS setup is accurate

You have no A record for www and your TTL is crazy short at 60s, but the latter will only result in more DNS lookups due to revolvers not retaining the address. If you want www to work, you will need to create either an A, AAAA, or CNAME record.

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