Website has been down for 2 months with multiple errors: 408/429/502/503/504/520/521/522/523/524 - please help!

So my website has been down now for a couple of months, even though my Cloudfare account says “Active”

Apparently I’m getting the following errors:


This is the most errors I’ve ever seen anything get and I’m totally baffled why after a long time, out of no where my website crashes and I’m getting a dozen errors.

Website is:

Please help, thank you!

Hey…you missed an error code on your bingo card. But I think you’ve already won by now.

How about using the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview tab and see if your site is still alive behind the scenes.


LOL!! Tell me about it!

I’m not seeing the Overview tab any where, where is it located?

I should be looking in my Cloudfare dashboard for that specific site’s account right?

On Cloudflare, select your domain:


Pause is on bottom right of the page:



Ahh ok great, thank you I was able to find that and have now paused it.

How long before the website would populate again after I turn this off?

It currently just says “Site can’t be reached”

Also, if the website does come back up, then what are the next steps to clearing all of those errors out so that I can re-enable cloudfare?

Thanks for the help everyone!

It should be as soon as you select that option.

It looks like your origin site itself is down. Your origin may also have been the source of the other errors. You should check that and try to get the site working again before re-enabling Cloudflare.

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Hmm. Yeah the site is still showing that it can’t be reached.

I’m totally perplexed what is going on.

I guess I’ll now have to get with hostgator again to see what they can determine on their end. When I reached out to them before they were blaming cloudfare. So now that it’s been disabled, it still seems like something on their end.

But this is very much site-specific. I have other websites as add-on domains on the same VPS that are totally fine.

So it’s something specific to

Anyone have any other suggestions on how I can pin down what’s going on or what happened?

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With Cloudflare paused, that hostname resolves to two IP addresses. That’s not a terribly common setup. But Hostgator should know which IP address(es) you should use for your server.

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