Website has been deleted from my account

I tried to connect to my site and it is unreachable.
I checked the registrar nameservers and they are set correctly (not changed since the Cloudflare account was set up).
I logged into Cloudflare account and faced this message:
" You currently don’t have any websites."

How can this possibly happen when I am the only person with access to this account and I use a 15 character random password and the password is stored in 1Password?

Review the audit logs and email communications from Cloudflare. Community members won’t have access to your account details so all we could do is speculate.

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Can you verify if that is the case? Does not look like it,

Historical data shows nameserver reverted away from cf in March, you would have received an email indicating that, a week later the site would have been removed as it no longer pointed to cf. You would also have received an email indicating that. Your audit log and securitytrails will help you piece together the timeline, suspect it may have been related to the icann hold which your registrar will remove if you ask them

Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited

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Yes, you are correct.
I found the email (not sure how I missed that).
Thanks for the help.

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