Website Hacked with

I have used cloudflare so recently for security purpose and took SSL certification from cloudflare. Still my website got hacked and attacked by japanees attacker

please help to resolve the issue. 日本国内最高級スーパーコピーブランド激安販売店 this URL is making. my domain is
We have checked the index file there isn’t any changes.

Please help me regarding this.

The site works for me, but:

If you don’t have SSL at the server, then anything is possible since you didn’t secure your server.


I have taken SSL from cloudflare sdayman.

So is this not the safe method to use ? I have taken ssl recently and recovered this hack right now. They have entered into my website and changed my index file. Now we have uploaded the previous index file but thing is I have to check from where they injected hack code in index file.

Hello my website server is liquidweb and We have taken ssl from cloudflare. my domain is please help us.

The origin seems to be extremely slow, it took 28 seconds to load the site for me. I’m seeing your assets are being HIT and most of this load time is coming from the index.html (Which is always fetched from origin). I would recommend setting up a “Cache Everything” Page Rule.

This mp4 also takes an extremely long time to load:
It is not being cached by any service from what I can tell so it seems the origin for that is also very slow.

A 524 is a timeout issue, since this site is taking such a long time to load I can see why you would be hitting this. Improve the caching and improve the response times at origin. That should solve your issues

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Turn on IUAM if you have not already! @techdesk

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