Website got error redirected too many times after _acme-challenge

After delete the TXT called _acme-challenge by accident, my website is no longer accessible because the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS shows up every time I tried.
Can someone help me to fix it?

Kindly, can you try to change the A www and A yourdomain DNS records from being :orange: cloud temporarly to :grey: cloud.
Then wait for a few minutes and Purge Cache at Cloudflare dashboard.
Then try and run the Let’s Encrypt’s SSL certificate renewing process at your host/origin server.
After successfully renewed SSL certificate, turn back the :grey: cloud to :orange: to make sure your Website/domain is being proxied via Cloudflare.

Hopefully, you have got an Full SSL option selected at Cloudflare SSL settings/tab, right?

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