Website going down intermittently after DNS migration to Cloudflare

We migrated our website from Bigrock to Cloudflare 2 days back… Our site is hosted on AWS EC2. Images are hosted on AWS S3. The issue we are facing is that since migration our site has been going down multiple times. The RAM utilization keeps becoming 100% for EC2 server and the site goes down. Please note we are not serving images from CDN yet and these are currently still served from S3 bucket. We were planning to move it after a few days. We changed A name record to DNS only (have disabled proxy) and the site has been working fine since then again. Now the requests from Cloudflare have gone down significantly as well. We are not able to understand why migration to Cloudflare is increasing our RAM/CPU and is making the website to go down.
We could correlate that requests from Cloudflare are driving up our utilization and we have been facing issues of 100% RAM. We are not facing these issues when we continue to run the site without Cloudflare (we changed A name record to DNS only and removed proxy - post that the site has been working fine).

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