Website goes down and work only after I "Purge Everything"

Hello Community,
I recently started using Cloudflare CDN for my website
The issue is: The site started going down recently at least once in 24 Hrs and works only after I click on “Purge Everything” from my Cloudflare account.

My website is developed on WordPress. Will be really grateful if anyone is able to help me out on this.

It’s currently loading fine.

What exactly is the issue?

Yes…It is working now.It happens once in a while where the site seems stuck and works only after I purge everything. I will post the screenshot when this issue occurs again.

Well, you don’t seem to have special caching rules, so that might be only default caching of static resources then, which you updated.

Considering that you run Wordpress, you might want to check out APO, as that would handle caching automatically.

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