Website giving Error 1000, but IPs in DNS are not showing a prohibited IP

To my knowledge nothing has been changed for our website.
This is somewhat sporadic, periodically we’re able to access our site, but mostly we’re seeing

I don’t see our two A records showing an IP on the prohibited list and I’m not sure what else I should look for. Help?

Your apex domain is working, but your www subdomain is not.

I can connect to your Apex’s IP address when using the www subdomain, so I assume your DNS record for the www subdomain is wrong.

Can you show a screenshot of your DNS records? (select your domain)

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I assuming these are the ones needed.

That is not the same domain from your screenshot.

Is it important to you that you can use and not just I would recommend to just configure a redirect from to

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I honestly didn’t realize that the site was redirecting from to This is new to me
I will take a look at the tutorial suggested.

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