Website Fully Down after redirecting name servers to cloudlfare

I don’t understand. If my hosting is with Hostgator, wouldn’t redirecting my DNS from hostgator to Cloudflare make me lose my actual hosting? As far as I read I do not get free hosting from Cloudflare.

I had my doubts regarding the above but changed my DNS to Cloudflare anyways, and my 2 website totally were down, with no access to my wordpress admin panel.

I read another topic regarding this issue, but the answers were not clear to me and too technical instead of a guided solution.

Cloudflare just replaces Hostgator’s DNS with Cloudflare DNS. Now Cloudflare can “Proxy” visitor requests through Cloudflare on the way to your Hostgator server. This way, Cloudflare can provide a security and performance gateway.

What’s a domain that’s not working?

When I first changed my hosting from Godaddy to Hostgator, I just changed my DNS.

And now You asked me to change to change my DNS and put Cloudflare’s DNS, so my Hosting is moved from Hostgator, isn’t that obvious? Where is my website hosting now? Only link to Hostagtor was my DNS, and you asked to change them.

I contated Hostagor support and they asked if I plan to get hosting from Cloudflare, because my DNS are redirecting to you (I said no just for SSL), which is why websites are fully down, since there is no hosting from any source anymore.

I was paying for advertising to my website and waisted a big amount of money. I changed back my DNS to hostgator so you can’t test the site now. What is your explanation?

Please keep in mind that I don’t work for Cloudflare. I’m just a customer helping out in the forum.

Cloudflare is a proxy server, kind of like a firewall, that routes traffic from your visitor, through Cloudflare, and then to your server. Cloudflare does not host sites.

Cloudflare replaces Hostgator’s DNS (not the hosting). Now Cloudflare can tell visitors to go to the proxy server and Cloudflare DNS will keep your web server’s real IP address a secret so people can’t attack it head on.

Hostgator Support should know better than to steer you toward hosting at Cloudflare because there’s no such thing. They should also know what Cloudflare’s service is.

I will talk with them now and update you

I contacted hostgator, they said I need to match the DNS Zone entires of Hostgator with the DNS zone entries of Cloudflare. Like TTL Class Type Record …

Would it work this way?

Where do I find the DNS Zone details of Cloudflare?

They probably mean the DNS tab at Cloudflare. And, yes, this is how I do it.

I generally eyeball the Cloudflare list next to my web host’s list. They should have all the same entries, all set up the same: “A” records with a (sub)domain name, the same IP address. A complete match. TTL is fine at Automatic. That’s 6 minutes. :orange:/:grey: is Cloudflare-specific. Orange will go through the HTTP proxy. Grey will work exactly the same way your current DNS works.

Read on for boring details…

You can get the raw Zone file by clicking on that “Advanced” link and then Export your Cloudflare zone file. I don’t think this is generally necessary in light of eyeballing the lists.

If your current host lets you Export your DNS zone file, you can use the Cloudflare Advanced link to import your DNS records. Again, Eyeballing it has always worked for me and I feel better about closely examining all entries. Some people have been known to typo a DNS entry.

Hello again,

I am trying to change them but it is confusing, they seem to be the same. I need to change Hostgator zone records so they would match Cloudflare, correct?

There are rows in hostgator zone records not found in Cloudflare, and vice versa, example these from Cloudflare

Also the TTL in hostgator is 14400, but in Cloudflare it is automatic, so I left it 14400 in hostgator as is.

And I left “Class” Column in hostgator as "IN’, non changed.

And I didn’t touch the grey and orange clouds.

As per my main post, I had not changed anything before and website crashed. Is there anything I need to change from what I just described to make it work?

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