Website fonts and Icons are not appearing correctly to site visitor

For our website, we are using Cloudflare’s free CDN.

Once we implemented Cloudflare’s CDN we have run into an issue where the correct website font and social icons are not being presented to the site visitor.

Is anyone aware of a code that we can put in our .htaccess file that will allow the fonts and icons to load?

If not, what other solutions do you recommend?

Thank you!

Probably Mixed Content. What’s the domain?

@sdayman thank you for replying. The domain is

You will see the icons in the footer are not appearing and the font style throughout the website is incorrect.

If you check out our site using and iPhone/ iOS you will see everything is loading fine (both fonts and icons).

Ok, not Mixed Content. It’s CORS. You don’t need a separate CDN if you’re using Cloudflare.

@sdayman thank you. I’ve asked our developer to take a look at this for us. We will let you know if this resolves our issue.

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@sdayman Thank you for your assistance. The proposed solution worked perfectly.

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