Website Flunctuating - Not stBLE

Hi, My website is not stable since adding to Cloudflare. some time it work, while another time, it will show the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error or timeout error. Please help me. It is frustrating

Nx domain is usually a missing A record, check out this #CommunityTip

What is the domain?

Thank you for the suggestion, but I tried all the methods listed.

The problem is not that the website is not working - It fluctuates. throughout yesterday, it was working fine. But it isn’t working anymore now. That is the issues I want to fix. It might work now, and wont in the next hour, and boom…it works again.

Can you share the domain name so other Community members can check it too? If you encounter issues, you may want to disable rocketloader to see if the issues go away. I am getting a white page and then a load, that usually indicates an issue with rockerloader.

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