Website flagged as phishing

Hello my website link has been flagged for phishing claim and users are getting a warning message. Kindly clarify why this is so because it’s damaging my online reputation that I’ve spent years building.

Domain? And did you receive an email from Cloudflare?

I did not receive any email from cloudflare.

No such warning here.

I had removed this domain from cloudflare but didn’t change the nameservers to my current hosting. Could that be the reason?

Right now the domain does not use Cloudflare.

On Cloudflare it actually is flagged. You should check out your Cloudflare dashboard and follow any advice they give you. You can also open a ticket and clarify it with support.

How do I submit a ticket? help me with the link.

This is the error I’m getting : 404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.

Can you post a screenshot of your browser?

I managed to send a ticket. I’m waiting for feedback.

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