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My website is getting an ERROR 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP message. Below is the message that I am receiving…I have done what it says to do! PLEASE HELP!!

What happened?

You’ve requested a page on a website ( that is on the Cloudflare network. Unfortunately, it is resolving to an IP address that is creating a conflict within Cloudflare’s system.

What can I do?

If you are the owner of this website:
you should login to Cloudflare and change the DNS A records for to resolve to a different IP address.

Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP

Common causes

Cloudflare halted the request for one of the following reasons:

  • An A record within your Cloudflare DNS app points to a Cloudflare IP address, or a Load Balancer Origin points to a proxied record.
  • Your Cloudflare DNS A or CNAME record references another reverse proxy (such as an nginx web server that uses the proxy_pass function) that then proxies the request to Cloudflare a second time.
  • The request X-Forwarded-For header is longer than 100 characters.
  • The request includes two X-Forwarded-For headers.
  • A Server Name Indication (SNI) issue or mismatch at the origin.


  • If an A record within your Cloudflare DNS app points to a Cloudflare IP address, update the IP address to your origin web server IP address.
  • There is a reverse-proxy at your origin that sends the request back through the Cloudflare proxy. Instead of using a reverse-proxy, contact your hosting provider or site administrator to configure an HTTP redirect at your origin.

The search function is very useful :wink:

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Thank you for your response… please understand my situation, This was my father’s business and he passed suddenly, I am trying to keep the on line business for income for my mother. This is all VERY foreign to me! I thought that Cloudflare was my server and I do not know what other IP address to put in. I have contacted GoDaddy because that is where my domain comes from and they old me that the server was pointed to Cloudflare. Can someone please help and walk me through this process?

Sorry to hear about that

If you are new to Cloudflare, there is a getting started section that can be found at About Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center

The DNS records should point towards your orgin webserver. And if you have Cloudflare IP’s in the DNS records, that could be causing this error!

Check the status of your domain, for more infomation visit

I am very sorry to hear that. We’ll do our best to help.

Could you send a screenshot of your DNS records in the Cloudflare dashboard? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! I deleted the other IP address

I am still receiving the error message.

That redacted IP address is a key piece of information. It’s most likely an IP address that already belongs to Cloudflare, so you can’t proxy it. Probably can’t even use it in the first place.

Considering that you’re using GoDaddy, I expect that the site is hosted at GoDaddy, so they should have the IP address of your server, and that should take the place of that Redacted IP address.

If your site isn’t hosted by GoDaddy, then I suggest you toggle that Redacted IP address hostname to :grey: DNS Only.


GoDaddy is the Domain and according to the information that I looked up, Cloudflare is the web host. Is it possible in all of the confusion that GoDaddy redirected the site?

It is very very unlikely that Cloudflare are the host. Cloudflare does not provide traditional hosting services and only offers things like Pages targeted at developers for static sites.

I would suggest this:

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I have spoken to GoDaddy 5 different times and they said that they are limited as to what they can do because the site is hosted by Cloudflare. How do I redirect the IP address hostname to DNS only? It is essential that I get this resolved as I cannot receive orders if my website is not visible.

Click on the :grey: so you can edit it and turn off :orange: Proxy mode by clicking on the :orange: toggle.

So I did that, but should I turn off the CNAME that are also Proxied?

Just the ‘www’ one for now. Yes, toggle ‘www’ to :grey: DNS Only. Remember it takes five minutes to take effect.

Ok. I went in and changed the CNAME www one. Should this make my site “live” again?

That IP address is a Cloudflare proxy IP address. It is not a hosted web server.

Assuming that GoDaddy is your host, they should be able to tell you the correct IP address for your site.

Looking at the DNS history for this domain, the nameservers changed twice in the last few weeks. First from Cloudflare to Domaincontrol, and then back to a new set of Cloudflare nameservers.

The simple solution is to gain access to the original Cloudflare account, which will contain all the DNS data. That may not be possible.

Alternatively, as @sdayman says, your web hosting provider can tell you the IP address of your webserver.

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Thanks! This is where I am very confused! GoDaddy does not host my site. My assumtion is that the people who created the website use Cloudflare as a server. Does that make sense? I appreciate your patience with me! I am really clueless!