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Good afternoon all,

My website is down and I don’t know how to fix. I am a creative and this is out of the realm of what I THINK I can do.

Your web host needs to install the SSL certificate on your website so you can use HTTPS. Maybe there’s a way to do that from you webhost’s cPanel. Who’s your web host?

Good afternoon! I don’t know?? It could be Shopify or Wordpress. How do I know who is hosting it? Someone did the site for me?

Since the site isn’t working, it’s difficult to tell what it runs on, but the domain is registered at GoDaddy. Maybe it’s hosted there.

If you are running it on your own servers then you are hosting it. If you are not then someone else it hosting it.

I believe Shopify is hosting it.

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If it’s Shopify, then try setting all your DNS records to :grey:. Shopify already uses Cloudflare, so you don’t need Cloudflare other than DNS-Only mode.

I’m gonna check to see if it’s Shopify or Cloudflare. The thing is I had and still have Shopify but I was a part of a group that had their website worked on. So, they created a WordPress site and that is what I was using. I think I did something to change something over from Shopify to WordPress.

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