Website email going to spam

Website on Cloudflare Name Servers.
This website is for our club internal emails only. Our account, is on two name servers:
Our internal emails to and from, are increasingly ending up in spam folders.
I was directed to you to resolve the issue. Apparently our “SPF” is not configured correctly. How can I correct the SPF on the Cloudflare name servers? I am not very literate in coding or web management. Need help.

SPF is a TXT record in DNS. Whatever you put in there, Cloudflare will publish. Your email sending service/host should be able to assist with what you should include in your SPF record.

For testing, I use

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Thank you, Sir for your very quick response. As I mentioned, I am not sophisticated in this area at all. If I may, I would like to try to attached a screen dump from the host, Interserver. I think it explains most of what is needed, but I don’t know how to go about it.

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For the SPF part, create a TXT record with a Name of @ (shorthand for your domain name) and copy/paste in their Value.

DKIM is another TXT record named default._domainkey and paste in the Value they gave you.

Thank you, Thank you! I think I got it. I used the link you supplied and followed the directions. It did not match exactly the interface from Cloudflare, but close enough that I believe I did it correctly. I copied the pasted the data from the Interserver site into the TXT EDIT line in the Cloudflare site. Once again, I thank you for your help.

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If you want more details on how email authentication and spam filtering works, take a look at Email marked as spam folder - #7 by ncano.

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