Website either stuck on Live or Coming Soon and vice versa

I have recently transferred my domain to Cloudflare, I started observing that whenever, I set my site to “Coming Soon” the page is stuck in Live mode and vice-versa (when set to Live mode it gets stuck in “Coming Soon”). My hosting provider (Bluehost) said it’s a Cache issue on two occasions after purging their server side cache. I also cleared my browsers data, used incognito/private browser mode, and different computer or phone.

I did place my site under “Development Mode” in Cloudflare but still experiencing the issue. I do not have any other Cache Plugin installed.

Has anyone experienced this issue before or is there a setting in Cloudflare that could be a potential culprit?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Note: my site is currently under development so not set to Live yet

Does having your site on development mode + a browser cache clear still shows the old content?

If that’s the case, it MAY not be a Cache issue.

You may want to try pausing Cloudflare and see if it’s still acting weird.

Thank you @Wanda!


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