Website Editing Issues -- Development mode?

I am hosted on GoDaddy and use Word Press and Themify to make my websites. I recently started using CloudFlare and it had a noticible effect on Page Loading.

I am coming across an intermittant error. I attached GIF short videos to show screen.

When I am logged into WP for editing, I should be able to click on the top “Gary’s House Concert Series” to open the site to use Themify to edit using “Turn On Builder” --See Pic

Some times that screen does not show up… clicking on it takes me to my site as if I am a visitor. Not editing lings. (Gif 1)
Loss of Builder

Other times it will open my site, without any edit links AND not load the Theme (Gif 2)
Loss of Builder and Theme

It might be a dumb question— Is it caused by Cloud Flare Caching? Should I be turning on Development Mode every time I edit the site. I did not see anything that said to make sure you do that.

But it seems when I turn ON Development Mode , I get acess to Turn Builder ON again. But I am not sure, because my ISSUE was actually intermittant.


Gary DZ

I did not make any rules…. Outside of my skill set.

It is weird because it is so intermittent. It seems to happen only when I am editing the site. I have not made any changes in about 4 hours and it loads fine.

I appreciate the support I get here. Between you and sdayman, I have learned a lot— steep learning curve, but starting with ZERO foundation for SSL and HTTPS, I have a better understanding of it. It seems when Development Mode is On, I have no issues. I did not realize it turns itself on after 3-hours. That might explain some intermittant issues if it is related to Dev Mode.

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