Website down with ths serial #2037504441

How do I fix my website, please?

Your SOA record according to is:
Field Value
Master Nameserver:
Hostmaster E-Mail Address:
[email protected]
Serial #: 2037504353

FAIL: Your SOA serial number field does not follow the typical convention of YYYYMMDDxx. This is not required, but it is commonly regarded good practice. As an example, if you modified your domain 3 times on March 30th, 2008 then the serial number would be set to 2008033003.

Refresh: 10000
Retry: 2400
Expire: 604800

Default TTL: 3600
Successes: 7 Tests Passed
Failures: 0 Failures
Warnings: 1 Warning

It’s a convention, not a requirement. Cloudflare does not use the convention, but provided the serial is a 32 bit unsigned integer it is perfectly valid.

(as there is a duplicate thread by the OP, I’ll close this thread)