Website down with cloudflare protecion

I have activated Cloudflare and still my website is down due to attacks ddos.

What dou you recommend?

Hi @flyhost,

Fending off these attacks is not easy. You’d need to look at the origin server access logs to try to find patterns of behavior that could be subject to specific Cloudflare protections.

The first thing you’d need to make sure is that they are not hitting your server directly, via IP address instead of domain name, that is, bypassing Cloudflare.

Also, I’d try to look if they are adding random strings to either the URL or query string to force your server to return 404, which in case of a CMS like WordPress may take a lot of resources.

If IP addresses are associated with AS Numbers from hosting company, it’s likely the botnet is using infected websites to attack yours. In that case, you could safely block or challenge visitors coming from those AS Numbers, as regular visitors do not come from the IP of a hosting provider.

If you can share a sample of your access logs, perhaps other users in this community may be able to further help you with the various specific Cloudflare tools that may be used.

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