Website down when Cloudflare Plugin disable in Wordpress


My website frequently faced 503 and i found out it is due to the RAM is consumed almost down to empty in server.
After sometime of checking, it seems to be the error coming from the Cloudflare plugin. But even horrible is when i disable the plugin, the whole website is not loading

i can enable the plugin from and everything back normal, but still low ram when I editing and publishing new products as well.

I have no idea why disabling the plugin could cause the whole website down, need some expert to advice this.



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You’re probably using Flexible SSL in your SSL/TLS settings. This is a better plugin for fixing that redirect problem:

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Why the Flexible SSL could caused this? Is it because of the Always Use HTTPS setting?

Flexible SSL connects to your server over HTTP, but shows HTTPS to your visitors. If your origin server also tries to redirect to HTTPS, it causes the too many redirects error. You can also try “Full” ssl if your origin server does support SSL.


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