Website down since moving to Cloudflare. DNS issues

Salutations, please any assistance with the current website down issue would be most appreciative

offline website:

when resolving get the following error message

Hmmm… can’t reach this page

Check if there is a typo in

  • If spelling is correct, [try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


Background Previous setup: 3rd party domain, registrar, own name server, hosting website myself and all was working fine. No Cloudflare no issues. However, I have other websites which work fine after I tested and then transferred them to Cloudflare for DNS, NS, Domain Registrar and hosting websites is still with me. Only this site is giving me issues currently.

DNS, NS, SSL and Domain Transfer Status:

Hosting: Changed Nameservers via DNS to use Cloudflare NS’s
Domain Registrar DNS: Changed DNS server to use Cloudflare NS’s
All name servers are now pointing to Cloudflare

3rd party Domain Name transferring request: changing to Cloudflare is still in transferring process as indicated on the current domain registration status page pending Cloudflare. I have authorised the transfers. they have confirmed that is now in Cloudflare’s hands to process as everything is unlocked and authorised

Cloudflare domain transfer status: awaiting approval of transfer (I have completed there is no holdup from the previous registrar). not sure why CF is stuck at this

SSL: using let’s encrypt as I created a Cloudflare SSL however encountered issues with implementation as it kept failing and showing non-encrypted warning messages. Moved back to let’s encrypt implementation. I will try again once this issue is resolved. I undertook this before transferring the domain, DNS, etc. I was testing CF SSL.

Current Status:
Domain not transferred and website is offline

Do you actually have any DNS records for this domain in the Cloudflare dashboard?

; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 1232
;			IN	A

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:		3597	IN	SOA 2279473203 10000 2400 604800 3600
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thought I had resolved it. I had DNS records on the dashboard however somewhere missing which I have now entered manually as Cloudflare missed them during the initial scan which hasn’t happened before. I added them manually had it was up for about 5 mins and now it’s down again.

in the image, you’ll see the content heading, the entry there is an external IP address entry.

I had additional entries needed which I resolved now this is the only entry it looking to resolve

I’m not worried about email as a different solution is used currently. I just need the website

Now it’s back online? this is crazy

Status Online: The website is online and SSL is working after I made the changes. So, just pending domain registrar transfer.

Issues: DNS entries missing as CF had not migrated them all so I had to enter some manually.

thank you for your support and much appreciated. Just needed a soundboard to bounce ideas off. thanks

P.S. I’ll continue to monitor hopefully all is well now