Website down since changing web hosting package with host provider

Hi there. I recently set my website up to redirect through Cloudflare. Everything was working fine up until I had to upgrade the web host package with my host provider. Since doing so, my site now does not load. I have spoken to my web host and they think it is an issue with Cloudflare, but seen as you can’t actually get to speak to anyone at Cloudflare I am now left with a business website that is not functioning or live! I have cleared the cache several times and checked the IP is correct - my web host provider confirmed that the IP address is correct, it just isn’t pointing to the correct location at Cloudflare’s end. What do I do?

What is your domain? And the IP that your server is on?

Domain is:

IP address is:

I have even reset the nameservers back to my host provider and the site returned as normal. I reverted it back to Cloudflare and it has gone down again. The error message that comes up is:


It will let me see certain pages of content, but not others. It’s very strange…

It’s ok now. I have managed to sort it out.
It was the SSL/TLS encryption that was creating too many redirects as this was set to flexible. I have changed it to FULL and it has resolved the problem now.

You should switch that to Full (strict).

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