Website down since 09:30 GMT

Website has been down for 2:30 and i’m getting nothing from Cloudflare! aparently an issue with DNS resolution through google, but can’t get any updates from anyone. This it totally unaceptable.

Ideas for alternative solutions as I can’t afford for this to happen on our e-commerce website!!!

Not sure, but what difference does that make?

If you are on a free plan you get the support you pay for, on Enterprise you have priority phone support. So it generally makes a big difference.

What’s the domain?

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I know my web guy is talking to them so I take it he’s got an enterprise account. but there is nothing on the Cloudflare website about it at all as far as I can find

I would not jump to that conclusion. Is your domain on your Cloudflare account, or does the “web guy” control everything? (I’m assuming the web guy is not an employee)

What’s the domain?

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This is what i’ve been told.

*It wont have anything to do with that its IP related. Free or business it would still be down right now. *

We pay for Cloudflare server-side on an enterprise account which is why we have direct support right now.Your free account is only for access to control DNS settings it wouldn’t make a difference in this circumstance.

It looks like either someone at Cloudflare or someone at google forgot to renew a domain which was used for DNS. This domain expired on the 21st february! Coincidence?

And… we’re back.

Is one of those your registrar? I would be suspicious that “someone” is doing everything to blame “someone else”.

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No. Cloudflare were blaming google, google blaming Cloudflare.

If neither is your Registrar then neither is responsible for renewing your domain.

Information about domain registration, status, expiry date etc. is public. You can look it up using Whois. If you share the domain anybody here can take a look.

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