Website Down, Not On My CloudFlare Ledger

Hi! My dandrewpartners .com website redirects somewhere else and is no longer on my Cloudflare ledger when I log in. I don’t think this is a billing issue, but I think it’s been moved perhaps without my permission.

I am a paying customer, just hard to get someone to answer my questions here so I can get my website up. Thanks

DandrewPartners Website Down

That error is a timeout error, check the error 522 tip by clicking on the error number in my reply.

If it’s not in your dashboard check the audit log here

Thanks so much for your prompt answer. So this could be theoretically be a timeout between Cloudflare and GoDaddy?

I guess as a non-techincal person, what do I need to do. Thanks in advance.

Can you tell me how to change the DNS record if Cloudflare doesn’t even see my dandrewpartners com website?

How does this happen? Thanks

CloudFlare Audit Log