Website Down no opening and redirecting

Hello Everyone . im hoping to find help here. my website that i host here on Cloudflare its down and i dont know why, . Can you help me with the reason why or what can i do. i would appriciate any help.

(im new to this im sorry if i dont understand much)

Hi there,

I can’t see a CF specific error on the site. Do you mind sharing a screenshot or copy-paste the error message you are seeing?

Hi thanks for the reply . i mean it says youre not logged in and it redirects me to another page i have never seen before

does it have to do with any settings on the dns that might be wrong ?

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This looks like a response that comes from your origin server. You might want to check if you have the correct IPs set in your CF DNS tab and double check with your hosting provider if that doesn’t help.

If there is a Cloudflare issue, you would either see a DNS error from the browser or an error code with Cloudflare branding (in most cases).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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