Website down (Mozello)

cant open my site by entering the URL:

The error message by trying to enter the site is:

I should add an A DNS “address”, but I miss the ipv4 to do that.

Thanks in advance

You need to obtain this via your hosting provider, eg. Mozello. You can usually find this somewhere in their online portal, or you might need to ask their support for the IP address.

They might suggest adding a CNAME instead of an A record, which is perfectly fine. Enter what they provide to you.

Hi Judge,
thanks for your help.

For the CNAME, I need an Name and a target.
Is it both the domain I have to add?


You should enter your domain name with the www as the “name”. For the target, it needs to be the value your hosting provider gives you.

I was able to find Mozello’s article on this: Mozello - How do I use a domain purchased elsewhere?

CNAME record for that points to

  • A record for that points to

Hi and many thanks for your help.

Unfortunately I used these settings but I got a lot of erros listed.

One of them is error 521,the others I made Screenshots from it


Much more

Another one

Last one

Your CNAME record is wrong here, you need to change it from to just www

Hi Judge and arunesh90.

You’re the best, it was right to change it to www and I had to add MX Informations.

Now it works,

Thanks a lot to both of you

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