Website down - lost Name Server control

The site with the problem is

I had to cancel my Cloudflare Premium account in order to resolve some DNS issues with site hosting at Siteground. After I successfully make the transition, I intend to use CF features again.

The domain was also with CF, but the site is hosted with Siteground. When I canceled the CF Premium service and moved the domain, I also deleted the website from CF - stupid, I know.

So, I have no control over the Name servers. According to DNSWATCH.INFO, the site is still using Cloudflare name servers, but it has been over 48 hours since I made the change. In the meantime, my site has been completely down.


Thank you for asking.

I am not familiar with this plan type →

Have you used Cloudflare for you domain name provided by some Cloudflare Partner? :thinking:

O-oh, okay, seems to me like you’ve used Siteground integration of Cloudflare for your domain name.

Kindly, I’d suggest you to contact Siteground to check this for you as far as they were your Cloudflare integrator / SaaS and ask them to re-check and cancel/delete/unhook the CNAME/SaaS for your domain or a setup for you.

After this, you would be able to add your domain name to your own Cloudflare account, will be provided with new Cloudflare nameserver, and therefore you make a change to your domain nameservers at your domain registrar.

Currently, when I check I see below Cloudflare nameservers being in use:

;ANSWER 21600 IN NS 21600 IN NS

Furthermore, from the WHOIS I see Registrar Status: pendingTransfer → and Cloudflare Registrar

And for the DNSSEC, I also se it’s something broken in the meantime:

Kindly, ask your old registrar to remove any of the DS records and/or disable DNSSEC at their end.

Nevertheless, kindly re-check your Cloudflare dashboard if the DNSSEC is enabled. Kindly, disable it.

When I try to access your Website, I got the Redirect Loops error:

Which is caused by some WordPress plugin?

X-Redirect-By: redirection

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