Website Down - In need of host

Hello there, reaching out to you cloudflare community. This is for a recent client that’s design studio has gone under, and is not responding.

Their website, has gone down. Register is network solutions. Name servers are Cloudflare. Though I’m unsure of the host. Is there anyway you all could help me with this? Thanks much.


Sorry for the issues, the whole situation is a pain. Cloudflare cannot assist directly, but the Community can assist with some ideas and point you in the right direction. Whois shows the registrar is as you said, network solutions. Assuming your client can connect with network solutions you can add it to your account/their account and change the nameservers to the ones assigned in the new account, removing the existing ones.

The bigger issue is getting a copy of the site and for that as you correctly assessed, you do need to track down the hosting provider. I guess to start you could see if network solutions is the hosting provider as well as the registrar. If they are that is really great news. Better news would be that they have a direct relationship with your client and can help to get the site operational.

Good luck & let us know how it works out and/or let us know if more questions come up.


Thank you Cloonan, appreciate your help. I did check with with network solutions and the hosting isn’t connected through them. You are exactly right, will be tricky to track down the content. As you said hoping perhaps someone from the community has some advice on where to go next.

Thanks again.

There’s not a lot of info. The SOA has gone so likely the site has been deleted and purged from Cloudflare.

According to, the SPF record was…
v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: ~all

The IP address is from Google Cloud and goes to Siteground. That could be just for email, or may also be because one or other was also used for the hosting. The IP doesn’t respond on port 80 or 443. It’s quite close to the IP address shown here (also a Google one) for Siteground which may be a clue, or mean nothing…

The only non-Cloudflare A records in the history are from Conflunece Networks so doesn’t help with the host, may just be parking or a dummy value.

No pages show on

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SJR, very thankful for you taking the time to pass this on, and looking into it. I’ll look into the information you provided.


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