Website down! Help! Message that site is insecure

Need urgent help from a caring person. I run a nonprofit org and when one tries to log onto our site, they recieve a message indicating that the site is not secure. SSL certificates all appear to be up to date and no diagnostic issues on Cloudfare’s side. Out of my element here…

On your server?

Generally I’d advise to hire a professional.

What’s the domain?

We hired someone through UPWORk. She’s fantastic but hasn’t answered our calls this week - must be traveling (?)

You don’t have a valid certificate on your server. You’ll need to talk to your host about that. Cloudflare is not involved here and can’t really help. Should you plan to proxy your site, then you can also get an Origin certificate, but you need certificate. Check out Let’s Encrypt too.

That site is not proxied by Cloudflare, so any problems are coming directly from your host.

In this case, the site does not have a valid certificate. That’s bad. Your web host needs to fix this.

If they’ll let you upload your own certificate, Cloudflare can generate one that will work once your site is :orange: Proxied.

I’m a layperson… and the terminology is above my head. Anyone out there available for hire to help ASAP?

The forum here is unfortunately not intended for hiring people. Fiver and Upwork might be a good idea. But the bottom line is you need to talk to your host and they need to make sure that your site has a proper SSL certificate. That’s all.

Understood. By “host” do you mean the CRM we used to create our website?
If yes, then we use Wild Apricot. We went there first and they told us it was a Cloudfare issue.

Yes, it should be them and their answer was unfortunately incorrect as Cloudflare cannot fix the certificate on their server and that’s what the issue is. They need to fix that. Talk to them again and point that out.

You can also provide them with that link → SSL Checker

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Big thanks from the big apple (NYC)

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