Website down, error 522

our non-profit organization website is down, It shows a 522 error. I thought the origin server is on Cloudflare (developer left no document). the domain is canadianambulatorycare dot net

how to fix that?

The origin server is not on Cloudflare. The only hosting that Cloudflare offers is static hosting.

Post a screenshot of your DNS page, that will clarify who the host is

Also grey-cloud your DNS entries or use the “pause Cloudflare” option as this will simplify the troubleshooting

DNS page:

Seems like your site is hosted on Amazon Web Services. However the server IP is not pingable nor listening port 80 or 443, i.e. it’s probably totally down (and when I say “server” it’s probably a virtual machine but whatever). Do you have an account with AWS? Have you logged into the account or contacted their support? Before contacting them, be sure to grey-cloud for DNS entries or pause Cloudflare for your domain.

Could also be some other host who uses AWS servers. In which case… good luck. Can you track down the person who set it all up?

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@caacceo2 I’d suggest you to check the firewall too, just in case.

Furthermore, I can see now it’s using Cloudflare nameservers and resolves to the Cloudflare IP. Working fine from my end.

@caacceo2 Can you confirm you resolved the issue?

Thank you very much.
I found AWS hosting, rebooted, problem fixed.

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