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I am trying to test code on my site. Pointed my DNS servers back to my hosting site. Deleted cloud flare, now site is not and I am getting this error. My domain is through my hosting site. Why is my site now down?


If you pointed your site back to your original nameservers, Cloudflare is not part of the equation anymore. Should you still get a Cloudflare message, it is likely because the updated DNS records havent propagated to you yet. Just wait a bit until that has completed.

What is the domain?

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Thanks for your feedback. I am having some site errors and trying to determine if something on my hosting end or cloud flare. So since cloud flare was new for me, i figured I would remove it to see if the issue was fixed. Trial and error mostly. The site is


Your nameservers currently point to your host. So Cloudflare is not involved here anymore. If you still get messages referencing them, see my previous propagation remark please.

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