Hey guys,

All of a sudden website goes down

I am attaching my SSL settings snap shot here.

My hosted server is on Kubernetes which also has http to https redirect. But it was working fine for 4 months I dont know what happened now?

I will be really grateful for help and direction.


Hi @danish1, are you still having issues with this? I can see your name servers point to Cloudflare

$ dig ns +short

Can you share a screen shot of your DNS tab and obscure any origin IP information from the image?

Hey Cloonan, thanks for your reply . Here is the screenshot attached. The only new thing I did was to create a CNAME and point to google hosted app. Then download the origin and chain certs and upload them on google app. Now I have deleted the CNAME. But I am not sure if that caused this. Your help will be appreciated.


Thank you, @danish1, I removed the screen shot but thank you for sharing it.

As you look at the records on that tab, the ones that have an orange cloud have traffic going through Cloudflare, those with :grey: do not. You click a :grey: to turn it :orange: and :orange: to change to :grey:. It’s a handy thing to know to toggle for testing.

It looks like those records were scanned and imported when you added the zone (domain) to Cloudflare and I don’t know the details of what they’re all doing. But, focusing on the ones to get your site to render, I do the following.

First, here is a good tutorial on the general process for the records, Adding DNS Records. There are a lot of tips and posts on this site that explain what an A record is v. what a CNAME is, v. an AAAA, so I’m not going to repeat the details here of what they do.

For now, I see that you need an A record that points to your origin IP.

  • To do that, I’d add an A record
  • Name it @ (that will automatically change to your domain name)
  • The value should be your ip address ending in 216
  • Time to live should be Automatic
  • Add the record and if it’s :grey:, click that cloud to turn it :orange:
  • Clear your browser cache and visit your site

@cloonan Cloonan, Thanks for the help bud.

When I try to add A record with name @. It says Record already exists. Any help sir?

I think that’s your first record with no cloud. You can click the x by it.

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