Website Down - close to 72 hours After removing Cloudflare Nameservers from Domain Registrar


We’re moving website off of cloudflare, I removed the cloudflare nameservers off of netfirms and put in default netfirms nameservers.

Replicated important DNS records such as outlook email verifivation MX, TXT records.

Put in new IP address for new host in Netfirms

Website has been down and DNS checker has been very erratic

Client is very angry, email is down - I could use a second pair of eyes to ensure that everything is setup correctly or done correclty.

Cloudflare instance is still active, at first I disabled the proxies, they I put them back on.           172800  IN      NS           172800  IN      NS
;; Received 118 bytes from 2001:502:1ca1::30#53( in 28 ms

;; Received 41 bytes from in 108 ms

You have successfully removed the website from Cloudflare, everything else is now between you and Netfirms. As Netfirms is now both your host and nameserver provider, they should be able to help you.

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Thank you for replying Laudian, its been a stressful day so I appreciate you looking into this.

I’ll go back to Netfirms and show them this.


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