Website down, been 3 days?


I contacted my host (NameSilo) and they replied with my dnschecker, saying that it’s pointed to you guys so everything should work. How should my DNS records look for my site using NameSilo? Can’t find anybody on the internet using them for hosting and you guys for DNS to refer to…can I get some help?


Hi @personcanada, if you want to share the domain, the community may be able to assist. Here is a good tutorial on DNS records, An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found. In general, look for an A record pointed to the IP of your origin server to have an orange cloud to the right of it. Let us know how it’s going (edit, ah, screen shots of your DNS records and errors you’re seeing are both really helpful, obscure your origin IP and keep that to yourself)

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#3 does not provide hosting services. It’s a domain registrar.

If you bought a domain with them, you would have to point your domain in your Namesilo account to Cloudflare nameservers, and your DNS records (on CF dashboard’s DNS tab) need to point to your hosting provider’s assigned IP address. (Neither Cloudflare nor Namesilo are hosting providers.)


It was a mistake, DigitalOcean is my host. Thank you. I’m gonna try to fix it now.


I now have an A record (In my cloudflare dns settings) that points to the ip of my site and a CNAME record for WWW…Anything else I need to do? I pointed my DNS to cloudflare on Namesilo and on DigitalOcean I have an A record that points to my site’s IP and an NS record that points to Just wait now?

EDIT: Website still down (I know I have to wait for TTL), but now I can see cloudflare so that’s better. Ray ID 4b4a7e7bef5bab54


You don’t need NS records. Just make sure Namesilo has the two Cloudflare name servers set for your domain.

Beyond that, there’s not much we can tell you without knowing the domain name.


Edit: It works now though

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