Website down after updating namesever

I have changed my nameserver on GoDaddy and updated with new cloudfare nameserver. My website is down from last 3 days. Already talked with GoDaddy support team but they says you have to contact with cloudfare because your nameservers are not with anymore. Help me out please

Did you add all the appropriate DNS records to Cloudflare before changing the nameservers e.g. A/CNAME for thee location of the site/server origin and MX for email?


What error message do you see?
I can see ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS from your website.
Is that what you are having an issue with?
Can you change your SSL mode from “Flexible” to “Full” mode?

I think Full Strict would solve the issue. Here’s the more information:


While “Full Strict” is more secure and generally recommended, it might not work if the origin SSL certificate is not:

  • Unexpired, meaning the certificate presents notBeforeDate < now() < notAfterDate.
  • Issued by a publicly trusted certificate authority or Cloudflare’s Origin CA.
  • Contains a Common Name (CN) or Subject Alternative Name (SAN) that matches the requested or target hostname.

Please see here for more details:

In which case the certificate on the server needs to be fixed.

@neiljay was spot on with his suggestion.

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Exact problem here. what is going on and how did you fix it

I believe if you read the replies above you will find the solution to the issue @mriservice?

Hmm. I started playing around with the SSL/TLS encryption mode and it started working.

Unfortunately it is much slower on page speed insights.

Not sure if Cloudflare is a good option

Pretty sure it is. That’s why so many people use it.

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