Website down after nameservers change on Godaddy


Hey guys,

Just signed up with cloudflare a few days ago. Changeover from godaddy has succeeded after changing nameservers to and As instructed in cloudflare email.

Now when I go to I get a message “site can’t be reached” see attachment.

Please help as I need site to go live ASAP.

Thanking you in advance!


You do not have any DNS records for your website in the Cloudflare DNS page.

When you add a site to Cloudflare, it attempts to scan your DNS records, but it looks like it didn’t find any.

Can you double-check your Cloudflare DNS page to see if you have an entry for or ‘www’? It should match what you used to have on GoDaddy.


Thanks for the update.

I have entered A records pointing to correct IP address as shown on Godaddy.

Still not having any success.

Here’s a few screen shots.


The top of your DNS screen alerts you that there are no DNS records for your root domain or the ‘www’.

Since it looks like all your A records have the same IP address, add two more: one for @ (this means the root domain) and one for www


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