Website down after moving my domain to Cloudflare registrar


I have transfered my domain name to Cloudflare registrar and my website is now down. It was originaly with 1&1 (where my site is hosted) and after moving my domain name and the transfer was completed, it went offline.
I can’t find any topic or anyone for that matter in a similar situation.
Can you please help


Hi @rbouda1,

Still not working 3 months later!?

The domain is registered with Cloudflare, however it is not proxied through Cloudflare. I see a 404, which is not related to Cloudflare. If the IP address you have set is correct, you will need to fix this on your server.

I am simply stuck since I have transfered my domain to cloudflare (which i can’t transfer back back to 1&1 and i simply regret doing that and will not advise anyone to do that. Cloudflare is not a domain name specialist and on their dashboard i couldn’t find a way to transfer back my domain nor find any information on how to connect it to my server. I have no idea where to stin a linbo and

I have no idea where to start to solve this issue so if you can give me some steps to resolve this or transfer my domain back to 1&1 it would be hugely appreciated.
Thank you

Not sure where to start either but here are some possible start points:

  • What name servers are you using, are they Cloudflare’s
  • Are the IP address in the Cloudflare DNS correct
  • Is the webserver actually up on the hosts end
  • Is the webserver on the host end accepting HTTP and/or HTTPS connections (The one you need)

Did you try contacting 1&1 support about this as well?

If you want to move back to 1&1 here is a link to the support article about how to transfer a domain from Cloudflare to another registrar Leaving Cloudflare

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I have seen the article on the “Leaving Cloudflare” before but when I visit my account and click on Domains, I don’t see my domain name ( on there… I really need to transfer out my domain name to get it back on 1&1 and get my site working again. Is there a number I can call for support to get my domain transfer authorisation?

Kind regards

Here are the screenshots from my dashboard :


R Bouda

Hi @rbouda1,

This doesn’t seem to be using Cloudflare (or actually be a registered domain)

From your screenshots, it doesn’t actually look like you have any domains registered with Cloudflare.

I’m guessing you mean like in your earlier message?

But to continue with the issue:

Could you show the “Unable to transfer” tab as well from your second screenshot? Does that show your domain name? ( I think that might give some insight into why you can’t transfer it from Cloudflare to somewhere else.

Yes sorry I meant !

Attached is the screenshot of “Unable to transfer” tab which contains another domain that I didn’t add the authorisation following the problems with my first domain name

Attached are the screenshots :


R Bouda

Alright had to look through the screenshots on the support article and the real version and I hope I found the next step.

If you select the domain from the top drop-down, so you can edit the DNS record for example, and go to the “Overview” tab there should be a part on the right side of the screen named “Domain Registration”. Could you check if that corresponds with the screenshot from the support article?

Ok great I have found the information that corresponds to screenshot from the article. Thanks for your help !
Why is it so complicated to find my domain name on cloudflare is beyond my understanding. Also, I found it so hard to find any information on how to set up a cloudflare for a domain on cloudflare and the site is hosted on a third party server.

Kind regards

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